Embracing change at The Public Sector Show

Change sits at the heart of what we do. We help our customers to change everything from the channels they provide, to the processes they deploy and the strategies they work towards. We believe firmly in the agile principles of ‘inspect and adapt’ and this year we’ve applied this mantra to our own business and embarked on a number of firsts.

In April we ran our first Hackathon inviting a bunch of developers to spend the weekend with us to get down and dirty with beacon technology. Earlier this month we hosted our first developers Meetup (more on this soon) and at the end of June we stood side by side with clients, partners and competitors when we took a stand at the Public Sector show.

The show provided us with the opportunity to talk to people about the great work we are delivering in the public sector as well as to see first hand what’s on their minds. From 8:30am we talked to people from local government, education, health and numerous government departments and the three key things that were at the fore were that:

  1. Digital Transformation remains a hot topic with organisations becoming more ambitious and wanting to deliver more.
  2. Focus is rapidly moving towards Back Office Systems because they are now impeding the delivery of great services for citizens. Our work at the Office of the Public Guardian where we’re rebuilding their core systems proved of great interest to visitors to our stand.
  3. Conversations continue around the potential impact of Government as a Platform – what will it mean and how will it manifest itself?

And there was LEGO. If you haven’t already spotted it we’re big on LEGO at Transform so it seemed only natural that we should incorporate it into our stand somehow. Our competition to guess how much Lego was in a jar proved to be extremely popular especially as the person that guessed correctly could win a Lego Mindstorm kit for a school or good cause of their choice. We had people asking for the volume of the jar, inspecting the pieces all the way round and from the base, counting the number of pieces on the outside and even someone who adopted the principle of ‘collective wisdom’ by working out the average of all the guesses and putting that as an answer. He didn’t win but he did disprove that theory….

Around the perimeter of the show there were a number of guest speaker presentations and it was great to hear Mike Bracken talk about the Lasting Power of Attorney Digital Service and how it is still seen as a beacon, guiding people as an example of how to build great digital services. It was also a great example of collaborative working, illustrating how the Office of the Public Guardian, Government Digital Services and Transform all worked together to build the first digital exemplar service.

We help clients put customers at the heart of the design and delivery of new services and we appreciated the opportunity to take time to learn more about the needs of our own customers. Perhaps we’ll see you there next year?