A healthily playful approach to medication adherence – transform

A healthily playful approach to medication adherence

There is something incredibly energising about addressing a really important, complex, intractable issue in a playful way.

Last week, as part of the Service Design Fringe Festival #SDFF17, I was delighted to facilitate a session at Transform addressing the topic of adherence to medication. This is a massive issue for the health sector. It’s estimated that patients did not take medication to the value of £300 million last year; and that doesn’t take account of the additional cost of relapses as a result of not following prescriptions.

No laughing matter.

Except that taking a light approach and having fun when looking at the problem opens up an exploratory mindset which quietens down inhibitions; stimulating imagination (and giving permission to use it in a safe environment) encourages a stronger sense of empathy, really imagining what it’s like to be a person who doesn’t adhere to their medication; and building ideas in the real world means that we can better communicate, listen to, understand, question and develop each others’ ideas.

That’s why we got out the LEGO® and ran a Serious Play® session.

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