Digital maturity: the butterfly effect

If a butterfly flaps its wings in CX what happens?

Chaos theory is where Transform’s digital eco-system started – a butterfly flaps its wings in Nepal and someone gets rained on in Marylebone; a digital butterfly flaps its wings in customer experience and someone in IT has to put up an umbrella.

Organisations still find it hard to categorise digital, fluctuating between a horizontal function and a vertical department; battling with questions of benefit attribution; struggling between traditional and new organisational models.

Looking at digital as an eco-system which affects and is affected by the whole organisation, creates a new way of looking at the challenge, a way of opening up collaboration, culture change and new business models. It’s time to stop trying to change digital to fit the business and instead look to change the business to accommodate digital.

The digital eco-system isn’t all about rain. Managing digital as an eco-system provides organisations with opportunities and innovations. In our experience the best ideas are sparks of insight that come about from unusual collaborations, not high investment innovation programmes or technology labs. When all of the elements are in balance, the eco-system thrives and each element benefits.

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