Barbie is on fire! Now that’s what I call a reinvention – transform

Barbie is on fire! Now that’s what I call a reinvention

Reinvention and the toy market

The battle for the Christmas top spot in the toy market is fierce and if you plan to buy the child in your life one of the leading products you’d better be organised. Leave it until Christmas Eve and you’re more likely to be heading home with a Zhu Zhu pet or a Transformers 2 action figure and you’ll be far from popular come Christmas morning.

Our Retail Director, Ray Fowler, read a piece in the FT that got him interested in what makes a Christmas hit and he was surprised to see some old favourites making an appearance.

Christmas is coming early for toymakers, according to an article in the FT (£), and that got me interested in which toys are expected to be a hit this year. The more I read, the more familiar the theme seems. Barbie, Super Mario and Lego are the three main champions alongside a remake of the 1990’s Tamagotchis: Hatchimals. But what has made them so popular for a second time around? I think it’s less about them being retro and more about re-inventing the toy.

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