Where’s the digital leadership coming from in the boardroom? – transform

Where’s the digital leadership coming from in the boardroom?

Digital leadership is a cornerstone of the eco-system, and is often the difference between delivering digital functionality and digital transformation. We shared this view in our report — Digital Maturity: The butterfly effect — and it’s a subject we’ve discussed both here at Transform and with digital leaders.

I recently helped to host a Transform/Princedale Partners breakfast event for a group of senior execs where we talked about digital leadership and what it means to them and their organisations. In the room were digital leaders who sit on the board and others who don’t but still ‘own’ the digital agenda. Some felt their digital objectives are integrated within the company strategy, others felt they are fighting to secure boardroom ownership and the support they need to be successful.

Inevitably we spent some time discussing the popularity of the relatively new role, Chief Digital Officer (CDO). I’ve been following the evolution of digital leadership for some time now including the relatively recent emergence of the CDO role, positioned in some organisations as ‘Transformer in Chief’. This approach is understandable and maybe even appropriate for those organisations where digital transformation is finally being put centre-stage. But there are also those using the role to lump together several big strategic priorities such as customer and data under one convenient banner. Unless your CDO is Superman or Wonder Woman you’re unlikely to see great success from this approach…

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