Working with Public Health England to launch One You

Today sees the launch of Public Health England’s (PHE) One You campaign, the new marketing strategy aimed at adults in England.

One You aims to encourage adults to take control of their health in order to prevent health problems. It specifically targets those in middle age to think about their everyday habits – to nudge them into eating well, being more active, drinking less and becoming or staying smoke free. It will also provide advice on how to reduce stress levels.

The new campaign covers all types of media – including TV ads, outdoor media, PR and digital. Transform was invited to design and deliver the digital products and services that will help people understand the potential health issues lifestyle habits can create and support them as they make vital changes.

Lifestyle choices have a major impact on long-term health. By the time many people reach their 40s and 50s they will have increased the likelihood of falling ill later in life. One You hopes to reverse this trend. It’s all about taking the plunge and making small changes for a happier, healthier life.

Using its expertise, in user-centred design and agile development, Transform was able to design the range of new products around the needs of those using them – identifying the key triggers, motivations, goals and barriers that impact the potential to change.

We combined user research – 1-2-1 interviews, guerrilla testing and online surveys to gather the views of the public – and user interaction design to develop a suite of digital products for the One You campaign that includes:

  • One You website: providing information about the campaign and related health behaviour
  • How are you? (HAY) tool: A light-touch, entertaining quiz for users helping them to understand how healthy they currently are and recommending apps and further content based on their individual results
  • Four One You apps:
    • Couch to 5k: encourage users to start running with ‘coach’ voices provided by the BBC
    • Easy Meals: providing healthy recipes
    • Drinks Tracker: helps people to cut down drinking by tracking activities
    • Smoke Free: a digital assistant to stop smoking

Do you fill up with the wrong fuel?

The TV ad will air for the first time tonight on ITV, during the Coronation Street spot, and will initially focus on the HAY tool which we’re anticipating will see at least half a million visitors during the next 2-3 months.

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Image source: Public Health England.