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Our approach

Digital change used to mean thinking about deploying a website, planning the ideal channel mix or, more recently, spending a great deal of time and money to create the perfect customer experience.  Now digital change is increasingly about digital transformation. Putting digital at the heart of a business is where today’s challenges lie.

By taking an eco-system view of digital transformation, coupled with our experience across public and private sectors, we deliver real and impactful change. This means you’ll get the benefit of our experience across the entire eco-system irrespective of the starting point for your project.

We work with clients to make sense of digital disruption, providing the insights needed to design and deliver new products and services.

Working in partnership, our projects are co-creative, collaborative and always customer needs driven. We build highly agile, adaptive, bespoke teams with the exact mix of skills and experience to suit the unique requirements of each organisation.

Digital Transformation and Acceleration

The influence of digital is all-pervasive and any digital change needs a mind set that takes this into consideration.

We always view digital as an eco-system – strategy, culture & organisation, technology, channels and customers – regardless of where the challenge originates.

Strategy, Service Design & Technology

Alongside this eco-system point of view, our capability set is anchored around strategy, service design and technology. We bring a breadth and depth of experience across all three areas.  From defining new propositions and revenue streams in our strategic activity; to taking these ideas and using design thinking to bring them to life and then moving a concept from alpha/beta to live launch working in an agile way.

The value proposition that underpins Transform is the extensive experience we bring in each of these areas. We’re not a strategy consultancy trying to stretch into customer experience, or a UX house trying to stretch into technology. The foundations of our business underpin all of these practices in parallel and it’s our ability to bring together these skillsets and perspectives that can help you to start to accelerate the pace of change within your business.

We’re proud to be the consultancy behind many transformational projects including the digital transformation of Argos, the largest beacon deployment in Europe for Hammerson, Public Health England’s One You campaign and digital Lasting Power of Attorney applications – the government’s flagship digital exemplar service.

You can find more examples of our work here.

Transform. Bringing digital transformation to life.