Are girls leaning out before they’ve even begun? – transform

Are girls leaning out before they’ve even begun?

We interviewed 50 young women aged 15–21yrs with the help of charity NCS . We were interested to find out at what age females start to worry about diversity and the barriers they may face in their futures due to gender.

With only 17% of tech employees being female, and this dropping off even more dramatically at leadership levels, there’s clearly two barriers holding women back: one when choosing their career-path and the other whilst working their way up the ladder.

With such a high level of drop off at the most senior levels, we hypothesised that most young women (still at school) wouldn’t be too aware or worried about gender inequality in the workplace quite yet. The low entry levels into digital compared to males, we believed, would be on a on a more sub-conscious level towards choosing a more ‘female’ narrative prescribed by society.

However, we were surprised to see how strongly the results suggest that even these ladies, as young as 15, are so astute to the gender discrimination they’re likely to face at work and how disheartened they already feel due to gender and other diversity issues such as race and class…

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