The internet of wellbeing – transform

The internet of wellbeing

We’re living longer, hoping that our extended lifespans will include a few more years of active, rich experiences. But these additional years of vibrant living won’t miraculously materialise. If we want this time, alongside developing a closer relationship with our own personal genomes e.g. genes in life, we need health services that can keep pace and provide care and support at the right times and in the right places. And with Bevan’s NHS arguably at breaking point, we need to get on with it pronto.

In this second article from David Singer’s series ‘Designing Outside the Box’, promoting designs that reach out to the surrounds beyond our smart platforms, he explores new approaches to healthcare that seek to deepen our connections to people & places, through an ‘internet of wellbeing’. Perhaps some of these approaches will help us to leave behind healthcare that can seemingly just get in the way, and start to build more empathic, digitally enabled care and support options.

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