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What to say when someone asks “What is digital?”

Why are the simplest questions the hardest to answer?

What is digital?

Is it about web, social, mobile, video; is it about customer-centricity; is it about using data properly; is it about seamless experiences; is it about agile ways of working; is it about a new open, faster culture?

Richard Gold, Associate Director, explains why this isn’t as simple as it seems to answer.

There is one question that almost every client I’ve worked with on Transform’s strategic projects over the past couple of years has asked. It’s a deceptively simple question.

“What is digital?”

It’s usually asked in the context of: “I need to make a presentation to [… the board, the Executive, the Minister] and they don’t get it. I need them to get it — you must have something off the shelf, surely?”

What used to happen is I’d say: “Ah, well, you see, no, not exactly, not off the shelf”. And they’d say: “But you’re digital specialists, you must have a presentation that describes what digital is” and I’d say: “Yes, several; but we’d need to tailor it depending on what the Board — or whoever — is looking for; and anyway, you’re head of digital surely you know what digital is.”

And they’d look annoyed and say, “I don’t know what they’re looking for, they just want a presentation on What Digital is.”

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